PurpleFoxyLadies SPA

by Antony Borsalo and X-Beauty Bal Harbor Surfside Miami

In one of the most beautiful cities in our country, in the heart of Bal Harbor Surfside near Bal Harbor Shops, there is PurpleFoxyLadies Medical Spa, where the atmosphere leaves no doubt that heaven on earth does exist!

PurpleFoxyLadies is a spa where you can undergo any cosmetic procedures aimed at healing the body and healing the soul. A cozy atmosphere conducive to a comfortable rest, modern equipment, the best cosmetics and, most importantly, the careful hands of our professional masters will help you relax, put your thoughts in order, restore youth and beauty to your body.

What does PurpleFoxyLadies Spa offer?

For the soul. Do you remember the last time you were alone with yourself? When no one and nothing can stop you, when you can completely relax and indulge in relaxation - you can refresh all these emotions in our spa.

For body. As smart and wealthy people say, even the rest should be spent so that it brings maximum benefit! In our spa you can take advantage of any cosmetic services and make your body perfect! The specialists of our center have developed special separate programs for caring for their bodies for women, men and expectant mothers.

For beauty and youth. Only the PurpleFoxyLadies Spa offers a full range of beauty treatments aimed at maintaining youth and beauty. Hardware cosmetology, professional procedures for cleansing the skin of the face and body, nail service and much more. And for a strong half of humanity, in addition to basic services, we have a special offer "exclusive treatments for men", after which you will stay in great shape, and your body will feel energy, health and youth!

For good health. Only in our spa is there a unique "Body Movement Laboratory" - one of the branches of sports medicine that has no analogues in the world. Thanks to this technique, you can completely renew your body - adjust your figure, strengthen the muscle corset, correct your posture and make your muscles strong and elastic. In our center, you can also use the medical services of leading specialists in the field of combating age-related changes and skin renewal.

What are PurpleFoxyLadies?

This is rest and benefit. We know how difficult it is at times to make time for good rest and relaxation. That is why we have developed a special method of cosmetic procedures so that our clients not only get the maximum benefit for their body, but also can simply relax their souls, put their thoughts in order and feel lightness and freedom.

This is a wonderful atmosphere conducive to quality and calm rest. We developed the interior design of our spa for a very long time and carefully. And the main goal for our spa is to create such an atmosphere so that our clients can feel comfortable, calm and cozy. When you enter the spa, you understand that this is where you can calmly relax, relax your soul and use all the necessary beauty services.

They are professional and experienced specialists. Our masters are not just professional specialists who do their job with high quality. They are attentive and caring people who know that inner harmony is the main step on the path to a perfect body. For each client, a consultation is carried out individually, during which the specialist finds out what problems you have and draws up exactly the program that will give the best results.

These are democratic prices, constant discounts and promotions. We care about each client and try to make him satisfied with the result of our work. We try to offer various discounts and promotions, the conditions of which will pleasantly surprise our guests. And if you want to surprise your loved one or a good friend, we are always glad to offer you a gift certificate, which will become a ticket to a real paradise and will give you the best emotions and impressions.

And how do you look at resting in paradise, relaxing, being in solitude and at the same time spending time with the benefit of your body and soul? Ready? Then we are waiting! The PurpleFoxyLadies Spa guarantees you a vivid experience, complete relaxation and the return to your body of youth and beauty!